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Castalia developed quite many software programs in the last - say - 20 years (its activity lasts since 1991).

The main core of Castalia activity is program Sargon (steel structures) with Samba (cross-sections) and its related follower program CSE (steel connections). They both are mainly aimed at steel structure design, although can be used in a much more general context. The couple Sargon plus CSE is a software package related to 3d and 2d structures and is the most advanced software platform available in Castalia production. They cover the most advanced needs of steel structure designers and manufactures.Sargon deals with fem analysis (several solvers have been developed) and code checking (several codes), CSE is a software fully involved in steel connection (joints) design and checking.

The other software platform of Castalia production is CESCO, Computer Education to Structural COnstructions, which is a very useful and easy software tool related to 2d frames and trusses. CESCO was born as tuition software and was commissioned to Castalia by the Politecnico di Milano. There is a base version which is packaged together with a number of XLS worksheets made by Prof. Giulio Ballio, a worldwide known expert in the field of steel structures (package name: Education to Structural Assisted Design and Analysis); besides there is a professional version (CESCO PLUS) which also is linked with Sargon code checkers, and, finally, there are several limited versions of CESCO PLUS attached to CD books which have sold thousands copies here in Italy CESCO STEEL, WOOD and CONCRETE).

Several other softwares have been developed in these years, some of which tailor made for external customers, others for internal use (e.g. the dll ship.dll  for fem ship modelling, linked with Sargon).

For instance, the simple program SPE, which is also available here for free download, is a teaching tool to understand how is the expected precision when dealing with seismic analysis. It seems there is a great need for such tools, as quite many seem to believe in a unrealistic precision of seismic structural analysis.

Another example is the program CLEI, which is available for free here, that is able to classify cross-sections (I or H rolled), to a biaxial bending plus axial force stress state. has a limited number of pages referring to the part of our production which has currently been translated into English language, or is in for being translated.