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Annual use and time-unlimited license purchase price lists


Since 2002 Castalia has updated its policy regarding pricing for the use of its own professional software via a systematic introduction of an annual use fee (yearly rent).

For some time it has been evident that the high cost of the programs (which are attributable to the substantial investment necessary to create and maintain software of this complexity) discourages potential Clients from trying various software programs, perhaps even those that are more suitable for solving certain problems that others which are heavily advertised but decidedly less valid.

The institution of an annual use fee acknowledges this problem by drastically reducing the outlay, and above all, by making it flexible.

Should use requirements increase over the course of the year, this creates no problem: it is sufficient to upgrade to the desired configuration by paying the difference in cost. The following year it is possible to return to the original version, or even to suspend the use fee altogether.

The annual use fee also includes package maintenance, so that the fee ensures use of a software that is always up-to-date.

In order to institute a uniform expiry date, the use fee expires on 31 December of each year, and is understood to be automatically renewed with the existing configuration. This tacit renewal can be changed by simply notifying us by e-mail, telephone or fax within 10 December of each year of the wish to modify all or part of the existing configuration, or to suspend use of the package for the following year if it is no longer required.

The end-of-year expiry date makes it possible to evaluate renewal on the basis of actual requirements, and as a function of volume of business which can vary from year to year.

Thanks to this mechanism, CSE, a highly specialized and extremely valuable program, is affordable for all.


Presently CSE FULL and STANDARD versions are furnished or with an annual use fee (which includes all updates that are made available during the course of the year), or with a time-unlimited license.

Regarding the amount of the use fee, our policy is that of setting a quite competitive price, bearing in mind the problems that the program effectively solves: for those working with steel structures this translates into hours and hours of work saved, and in a quality of work that simply didnít exist before.

Annual use and time-unlimited license purchase price lists