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Year-rent price list in force

Purchase price List

Since 2002 Castalia has renewed the pricing policy at Sargon, and, in general, on its professional software.

Besides selling the full version pack(that is, with unlimited nodes), Castalia has also decided to give the program various intermediate versions (150, 250, 500, 1000 nodes or unlimited nodes) based on an annual rental use. This way each customer can choose the configuration that best suits them by only paying for what they actually use.

From a period of time we have assist the fact that the high cost of programs (which is understandable given the investments required to create and maintain complex software) prevents potential customers to try different software, perhaps more suitable than others to resolve certain problems.

The annual fee helps these problems by dramatically reducing the cost to make, and, above all, making it flexible.

If during the year the needs grow, no problem: just go to the configuration of interest by paying the cost difference. Imagine for example having the configuration with 250 nodes and need to do a calculation which requires 480 nodes. Just pay the difference between the annual fee for 500 nodes and that for annual fee of 250 nodes. The next year it will return the version to be 250 nodes or 150 nodes from one or even suspend any fee for use.

The annual fee also includes maintenance of the package, for which you pay to use an updated software.

In order to standardize the fees schedule for ending on the 31st -12th of each year, and is automatically renewed with the same final configuration. Of course, this tacit agreement can be changed simply by communicating e-mail, telephone, letter or fax, by 10-12 each year, your desire to change in whole or in part your configuration, also suspend all use of the package if not needed for the next year or if you want change.

The expiration at the end of the year allows to evaluate the renewal based on real needs, and also depending on the volume of business, which varies from year to year.

Thanks to this mechanism Sargon becomes affordable.

Customers who pay an annual fee instead of wishing to purchase Sargon (having the right to use it forever), can buy it at prices quoted in the table at the page link below. The purchase of program can only be done with unlimited number of nodes.

Year-rent price list in force

Purchase price List