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TYPICAL CONNECTIONS - (Parameterized Real Nodes, PRenodes)

The FULL version of CSE is able to record in parameterized form new nodes, so that their later creation and checks can be fully automated.

This important new functionality made it possible to create a Parameterized Real Nodes (PRenodes) database (typical nodes database), which can be used at any time to quickly construct and check, according to any  available standard (AISC, Eurocode, Indian Standard, BS, SNiP), nodes similar to those previously recorded.

All CSE versions use this Node Database, albeit the collection has a different number of units depending on the version. In the versions page the functionalities of all the different version are better explained.

Each typical Node does not lead to just one Node, but to a family of infinite possible similar nodes. The sizes of the members cross-sections may differ, as well as the dimensions of the fittings, the number of bolts, their diameters, class, working settings, and so the number of welds, their lengths and throat thickness, if fillet or penetration, et cetera. What cannot be changed is the member topology, and the connection kind (if a plate or an angle is provided that plate or angle must be there, if bolts are provided, they must be there albeit in different possible layouts, size, numbers and placing) .

The FULL version is able to record new parameterized nodes, which can be added to the typical PRenode database. So every user may create "his/her" database of typical connections that will be later re-used.

The Typical Connections database is continuously upgraded in order to:

  • add new Nodes so that the number of the available PRenodes increases: in this way an higher number of connections can be constructed automatically;
  • improve the checks settings and/or the design rules (sizing) to make the Database more powerful.

Presently the typical parametrized nodes available are  786. It is likely that in the next months this number will be increased.

Here follows a PDF file listing the nodes in detail, for the different CSE versions:

PDF  (12.3 MB, upgraded on  4-15-2015) - contains a list of the typical nodes available (2015)

Last update: April 15, 2015